NASA has released photos of the dragon causing the violent California wildfires

To stop climate alarmists from spreading rumors blaming California fires on global warming, NASA has decided to release photos of the dragon causing these gigantic forest fires.

This French translation of this article is available by clicking on this link : La NASA publie les photos du dragon à l’origine des violents incendies en Californie

Since the beginning of the year, California has been in the midst of the biggest wildfire in its history, with, as a terrible consequence, thousands of hectares of forest devastated by increasingly uncontrollable fires.

Opportunistic and unscrupulous pseudo-climatologists have been using these tragic events to name global warming as the main cause of these fires, which is obviously a complete scientific heresy.

As Donald Trump rightly pointed out, human activity obviously has no impact on global warming and even less on the probability, duration, and intensity of the forest fires currently ravaging our planet.

To confirm the words of the President and put an end to all the rumors spread by these climate alarmists, NASA – the prestigious US space agency – has decided to unveil, on its website, the unpublished photos of the fire-breathing dragon designated as the sole person responsible for the fires.

Nicknamed “DaemObama” by President Trump, this winged demon, whose size approaches that of a small passenger plane, is currently flying over California and spitting its fire on the large wooded areas, causing uncontrollable fires to devour American state.

It is thanks to the use of drones equipped with the latest infra-red military cameras that the dragon – who only flies at night to pass unnoticed – could be photographed for the first time.

To complicate the task of the dragon and thus avoid new fires, the American President has very judiciously proposed – in a Tweet – to cut the trees of forests still intact and stop the flow of rivers to the sea.

The President also invites all Americans to pray that the ugly creature will leave California and head for Mexico to continue spitting its devilish flames.

Photo : Gérard C

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