A scientific study confirms that the size of the sex of motorists is inversely proportional to the power of their cars

It is by crossing the medical files of a famous Parisian urology service with the national file of the grey cards that scientists were able to confirm with certainty that the owners of the cars of big cylinders would have a sex of dimension lower than average.

Researchers from the University of Applied Sociology of Paris IV have just published the results of a study conducted in partnership with the urology department of a famous Parisian clinic.

Having access to the medical files of the patients present in the database of the clinic, the scientists tried to establish the link between the dimensions of their sex and the cubic capacity of their car.

Confidential data?

It is important to know that the urology departments of the numerous hospitals and private clinics spread over our territory collect – for purely statistical purposes – various morphological information on patients. Among these are the color of the hair, the shape and especially the size … of their sex.

It was then extremely easy, by crossing the medical files and the national file of the car registration, to establish with a remarkable reliability the link between the power of the cars and the size of the sex of their drivers.

And the results will only half surprise the French: without surprise, the result of the study carried out on a sample of 43,255 motorists confirms that 97.6% of owners of a large car would have a gender size below average.

A study that will delight all yellow Kangoo drivers who will see an unexpected opportunity to reveal their unsuspected seduction potential to the general public.

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