Jeff Bezos’ ego too big to fit in his new yacht

The bad news is piling up for megalomaniac multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos. After learning that the brand new yacht of the famous founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, currently under construction, will not be able to pass under the historic bridge of Rotterdam, now psychiatrists have announced that the ego of the …

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Geologists discover a natural mineral spring of Coca-Cola in the Yellowstone National Park (USA)

Yellowstone National Park – United States : Geologists have just made an amazing discovery. A natural mineral spring of sparkling water tasting just like Coca-Cola hidden in a wild area, away from any human activity. Professor PhysaFilm and ScienceInfo’s team of scientific journalists have been there and have brought back some exceptional photos …

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A physicist disappears into a mini black hole created by the CERN particle accelerator (Switzerland – Geneva)

A physicist working at the CERN (the European Organization for nuclear research) has been sucked into a mini black hole created by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located a few kilometres from Geneva in Switzerland, astride the Franco-Swiss border. The French scientific information website recently reported a strange case …

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