Jeff Bezos’ ego too big to fit in his new yacht

The bad news is piling up for megalomaniac multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos.

After learning that the brand new yacht of the famous founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, currently under construction, will not be able to pass under the historic bridge of Rotterdam, now psychiatrists have announced that the ego of the megalomaniac multi-billionaire will not be able to fit into his new three-masted ship either.

When questioned, the doctors are formal: “Jeff Bezos has an oversized ego. This man is cruelly lacking in humility. He feeds on flattery and is greedy for power and notoriety. In fact, his ego is far too big to fit inside his new 127-meter-long superyacht.

Let’s hope that the spaceship that will take him on a one-way trip to Mars will be designed to accommodate this oversized ego this time.

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