A physicist disappears into a mini black hole created by the CERN particle accelerator (Switzerland – Geneva)

A physicist working at the CERN (the European Organization for nuclear research) has been sucked into a mini black hole created by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located a few kilometres from Geneva in Switzerland, astride the Franco-Swiss border.

The French scientific information website ScienceInfo.fr recently reported a strange case of the unexplained disappearance of a CERN physicist carrying out maintenance work on the beam tubes guiding high-energy particles in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

After a thorough investigation carried out by the State’s highest atomic safety authorities, forensic investigators have just reached their conclusion: in all likelihood, the physicist was drawn into a quantum black hole, also known as a mini black hole, initiated during the accelerator’s operation in a very specific mode.

As we already explained in a previous article, clouds of stray electrons may remain trapped on the walls of the Large Hadron Collider in which beams of particles circulate at a speed close to the speed of light.

To dissipate and drive out the residual electron cloud, the accelerator has to be brought to the limit of its maximum permissible capacity to stealthily circulate very high-energy flows of particles. A mini black hole was probably created during this rather unusual mode of operation of the Large Hadron Collider, literally snapping up the physicist located near the fleetingly-created space/time vortex.

All this is very bad news for the CERN whose image as the world’s largest and most prestigious scientific laboratory is likely to be tarnished. The media coverage of this news has caused great concern among the population as what once fell within the realm of collective fantasy now seems to have become an unfortunately reality.

Rumours are already circulating on the Internet with the CERN being referred to as a “black hole factory” and suggesting that the Earth could soon be engulfed by even larger black holes which would project us into parallel universes or cause the imminent opening of the gates of Hell. A possibility which had also reluctantly been raised by Stephen Hawking in an interview with the press.

Collective hysteria is what the scientific organisation feared more than anything else and it is now worried that its highly complex experiments, designed solely for the purpose of studying the basic constituents of matter in an attempt to discover the secret behind the physical laws that govern the Universe, may now be stopped unconditionally.

Pending the decision of the nuclear supervisory authorities, CERN physicists are doing their best to try to remain in contact with the unfortunate traveller. And, indeed, all does not seem lost. Each day, scientists initiate new mini black holes in an attempt to keep in touch with the physicist. Small boxes containing food, water and a flash light are regularly thrown into each fleeting mini black hole similar to the one which swept away the unfortunate missing person.

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  1. I hope this article is a joke ?

    • this is a joke. rumor mongering. fear mongering. im an accomplished student of science.

      • Phineas J Whoopie

        This article sounds hokey but LoL! Accomplished student of science means what?!!
        I am a man of science with my 3D blackboard.

        • Craig Michael Vandertie

          ROFLMAO, provide empirical scientific evidence, now how is it only that one scientist was sucked in, hmmm!

          Do the main investors for the National Enquirer own this foolish site?, if not then those who have come to realize that through the use of mind altering drugs and indoctrinators who vomit complete gibberish to our young they will have an endless supply of completely mindless losers who will wholeheartedly accept this drivel .

        • No, not a joke. They are playing with Hell and that is where he is now,,,,in the demonic realm.


    • This whole website is a joke.

      • I hate websites like this.
        They make people stupid.

        • Les gens n’ont pas besoin de ce type de site pour être stupides. Fox News s’en charge très bien 🙂
          People do not need this kind of site to be stupid. Fox News does very well 🙂

          • So you get yours from MessNBC?

          • Craig Michael Vandertie

            Except unlike the totally make believe data you accept and disseminate 99% of their claims are based in fact.

            Now increase your flow of Dimethyltryptamine because clearly you are not quite enough in an hallucinatory state since you can vomit pure gibberish.

        • Manzar Hasan Siddiqui

          Yes you are absolutely right.

        • People were already stupid. Things like this simply prove it.

        • Can I say I am not a scientist or smart I’m by no means trying to believe this crap. But these scientist are determined to push the boundary’s. They need to stop there research but they continue to push. They will regret it. They will get just what they want very soon.. 💯🤔

        • Real Truth Lives

          Stupid. Until you learn it’s true. The gates of hell have been opened. See images caught on camera feeds posted all over the internet. Some are spider like. Even “Stranger Things” by the 2 scientists and the test subject explain it is a reenactment of THE MONTAUK PROJECT where there are multiple dimensions.

    • If not they need to open a black hole over Westminster and be done

      • Right haha 😂😂😂Need I say more or do you need to see my credentials 😂😂😂…. Yeah it’s impossible because I say so 😂😂😂 the truth is not one person who has ever lived except Jesus Christ can fully fathom the depths of existence through and through from hell to heaven and everything in between …. As far as multiverses go I think it may be possible to some degree not so much as split realities but more like a spirit realm which may be where the scientist went to …. Stuck somewhere between here and hell being tormented waiting for judgement from Jesus and our Heavenly Father … or … He did not disappear and this is just see sort of cover up for a murder or something but as far as where the scientist went -who knows , however he really missing…

    • It is…they shoyld also send some CD’s in the Black holewitha player of course ,for the poor guy’s entertainment…..

      • A Demon sent a message back saying…” Keep the food,water and flashlight s… send me more soles!!!”… lmao

    • my girlfriend has a blackhole that nearly sucked me in

    • Alishaa Asakura

      it is really no joke…there has been warnings about humanity not “tampering with scalar energies as it also has the capacity to destroy even the soul..spirit of the personality….the black hole ??? it think you might consider it as a place of nothing ness….no joke …this is really seriously self destructive of every molecule and existence of solid matter…sigh..it really needs to stop…tampering with creation…..without divine love and order is a dangerous way….

    • Cern is real…..look it up, some crazy stuff going on. Evil.

    • Come on man I didn’t even graduate school from a North Campus I don’t know what kind of school it was doesn’t matter but come on man

    • This article is not a joke.. same information and many other sources on the DWeb. I use Tora browser and I’ve made letters to corporations and the replies of deniability is hard when I send photos and sources too.. this is a real situation

      • Amazing & terrible that it continues at all with the average double digit IQ fork denying its veracity out of undiluted egotistical ignorance.
        The same ignorance that perpetuated the Big Bang theory to extend past the Mota class break at MIT!

  2. There can not be anything like time travel. The person might have died due to mini-black hole interaction.
    Or there must be some hidden conspiracy behind this.
    Or this can be a joke or fake.

    • Stacy Susan Pegram


    • Ridiculous! This can’t possibly be a joke. It’s very obvious that this is real!

    • Time travel is possible and yes this article is false

    • Yes there can be time travel. That’s exactly what cern is doing . Forcing photons and smashing I them to find different dementia s. They do not hide or deny this … Why don’t you people do some real research and listen to the top physicists . Many of them do not agree with what cern is doing because they know the consequences it could have for all humanity

    • time travel is possible and has already been done and yes this article is most likely fake

  3. Occam’s razor? He probably ran off with a secret love and didn’t tell anyone.

  4. Just saw him. He just went outside to buy cigarettes.

  5. Harish Chandra poddar

    It is possible. The person has been teleported to a parallel universe.

  6. If all movable proximate articles are found to be undisturbed, in all likelihood he ran off with his secretary

  7. Lol. I love this whole website. Pinch of salt aye?

  8. LHC
    Experimente mit schwarzen Löchern und Zeitfeldern…wir sind ebenfalls im Juli 1969 für unsere Zeitebene unsichtbar geworden und leben durch eine künstliche Zeitversetzung unsichtbar für die ehemalige Zeitebene von uns.. wir können CERN den Weg in die Zukunft zeigen…..

    Wenn ein Wissenschaftlet zum Verschwinden gebracht wurde, ist der Basisversuch bereis richtig durchgeführt worden, dem Wissenschaftler fehlt nichts er ist dann nur auf eine anderen Zeitebene gelandet und dadurch unsichtbar für diese Zeitebene…..
    Wir können nun den nächsten Schritt in die Zukunft machen!

  9. This is a joke – Here’s the translation from their parent site in France:
    “Here , you just have to be a little curious and click on this link to find out that this site Scientific Information publishes totally false information or archifausses and more, not even true.

    Let it be said once and for all : the site ScienceInfo.fr is a parody site, satirical , anxiety and inconsiderate .

    All information set out is , unfortunately for some and fortunately for others fabrications .

    In short, everything is false . This will names and quotes attributed to imaginary people or companies imagined.

    When the actions and quotes attributed to real people – and the facts about them – they are obviously false and devised to strengthen the grotesque character articles .

    In short, do not believe everything they tell you and more so all you read on the internet. Be vigilant … and remember to smile 🙂 “

  10. whom wants too know Why??^_^

  11. He will be mist.

  12. Sietse von der Meer

    I’m not sure of which you guys are more unworthy, the use of toplevel domain ‘scienceinfo’ or the extention ‘news’..

  13. Bullshit. The laws of physics don’t allow for a black hole to be created in this way. If if they did, then why didn’t it also take out the pipes, the shielding, and other equipment? Or do black holes merely eat human flesh?

  14. This is satire guys…

  15. Complete crackpot rubbish. There is no such thing as mini black-hole capable of sucking a man. No source, no names.

    Did you wear a tinfoil hat while writing?

  16. Maybe if we sent Barry Manilow and Nickelback CDs instead of food and water, the aliens in the other universe holding him would send him back here.

    • Poor Nickelback, they’re always getting a bad rap…

    • Now that’s funny, Bruce!! Send Madonna along too please! If only they were able to create a black hole, it would be “mini”, indeed, as in microscopic! I feel so sorry for people who actually believe this crap!!

  17. Nicholas Mustelin

    Such incredible nonsense!

  18. That kind sucks…..

  19. This is a hoax or some foolish joke. Is there any confirmation? I would strongly doubt it.

  20. He will return astride a silver surfboard 5 days prior to the arrival of Galactus, to warn us of the impending destruction.

  21. chutiya bna rhe ho….

  22. Fake. Lokm at the other “stories” on this site.

  23. Lucky bastard

  24. How about a name of this scientist? I like how they avoid posting names because anyone could actually look it up, but they don’t want anyone to look anything up, since it’s all BS.

  25. They found him, he was in the toilet with a dose of the shits, sources at the site say it was a dodgy batch of chilli. 😤😤😨😨💩💩💩

  26. What ? Tou havent watched the flash? Any thing is possible.

  27. Could this be part of the mysterious sink holes appearing everywhere?

  28. Hiding reality … fake

  29. TOTAL HOAX. It never happened and never could happen.

  30. So, they initiate NEW BLACK HOLES to try to retrieve their comrade?

    Has a building ever been reassembled from a prior explosion, by ANOTHER explosion?

    Honestly, there is no cure for stupidly following orders.

  31. Would be sweet if it was real

  32. People that claims their truth are menrally ill. Nobody can tell what happens when you are sucked into the black hole unless you experienced it yourself. Therefore I keep everything as possible untill its proven that its not. So is there a paralel universe behind it? Possibly not vertainly. Do you die by sucking in to the black hole? Possibly not certainly. Do you get poobacteria on your weener when you put it in a black hole? Certainly

  33. A black hole always sucks everything that goes near it. So how come the world still exists?
    There is no other sides. (not proved yet)

  34. In middle of July! Is this a late April Fool or an early April Fool joke?

  35. Can it be aimed towards the black Panthers?

  36. Boy, this has been a really bad week

  37. mriham700, in answer to your question it is a long known fact that among those in THE KNOW, we are living inside a black hole and so we cannot be sucked into one because you cannot go to where you already are. Ths does also explain why so many things are known to sux in modern language.

  38. Hilarious 😂 😂 ” Immanent opening of the gates of hell ” And in an instant, the article is written by a clandestine paranoid skitzophrenic

  39. A friend shared this and called it the Clinton-Trump Effect. Capital idea!

  40. They almost had me, but then they were keeping in touch and sending supplies!!!! Not to mention voluntarily creating a few more black holes!!!! LOL

  41. Total nonsense. Nobody would be working on the collider when it is operational hahahahaha

  42. They could send in a rifle then the scientist would be the invisible person on the grassy knoll.

  43. Is it worth the consequences .!!

  44. Sarcasm?

    You know the response.

  45. Oh S A R marked, dummie.

  46. Didya watch the movie folks?

  47. How to enter a black hole.
    Point and click to bait.
    Read advertisers.
    Scream when computer has a paradox.
    Have a safe trip.

  48. You throw a black box into a dark room and really expect someone to find it. Is looney toons running that operation as I suspect. And if this is a truly time/space vortex, it really isn’t going to land in the same time zone as the person. It didn’t work in the original Star Trek TV series, episode 16 I believe, so unless you have prefected the Flux Capacitor, you might be off by about only 111.0987 light years off. We not buying it, you are looking for dark matter/anti-matter so you can play God. I know where I am going when god does show up, are you.

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