Leaving the fridge door open to halt global warming

There’s no need to be a great scientist to realise that a room tends to cool down when a fridge door is left open.

Based on this observation, a committee of scientists from the University of Colorado looked into this physical phenomenon for more than a year in an attempt to specifically quantify and then represent it in a mathematical model.

And it was only a few days ago that Professor Smith’s team unveiled the findings of its study.

The scientists are unequivocal: Leaving fridge doors open could help to slow down, or even stop, global warming.

“Fridges cool down the atmosphere just like air conditioners”, concluded Professor Smith.

The report thus recommends we leave our fridge doors, or better still, our freezer doors, open for at least 4 hours a day.

“While this may increase energy consumption slightly, is it not a price worth paying to leave a better world for future generations” said the visibly moved professor.

As visionaries committed to humanist values, big retail chains had already understood the environmental challenges of this study long before everyone else. As we’ve all already seen, the watchword during heat waves is to leave the doors of stores wide open with the air conditioning turned up to full blast. The planet will be forever grateful to them.

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  1. Won’t it affect the Ozone layer

  2. This is crazy because the heat is dissipated from the condenser coils of the refrigerator or freezer in the very same room that the unit is in .

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  8. The concept of leaving open a fridge to halt global warming is not a new one. I had the idea in 2007 and conducted multiple experiments on the cooling to heat output ratios of different fridges, freezers and fridge freezers. I found that on most types of fridges and freezers the condenser coil becomes too warm to cool down the surrounding area, but on some Samsung fridge freezers, this could work.

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