This ScienceInfo.news  website is the English version of the French ScienceInfo.fr  scientific information website.

Now, all you need is to be just a little curious and click on this link to find out that this scientific information site publishes totally false or sensationally fake information, which is, moreover, not true at all.

Let it be said once and for all: the site ScienceInfo.news is a parody, satirical, unnerving and shameless site.

All information presented herein is, unfortunately for some and fortunately for others, totally fabricated.

In short, everything here is false. This includes names and quotes attributed to imaginary people or companies.

If the activites and quotes are attributed to real people as well as real facts about them, they are obviously false and devised to emphasize the grotesque nature of articles.

In short, do not believe everything you are told and, even more so, everything you read on the internet. Keep alert… and remember to smile