The interior of your homes soon mapped by the new Google car scanner cameras

The American firm Google has just announced its intention to equip its Street View vehicles with X-ray scanners so that they can map the interiors of all the dwellings that cross their paths.

Launched in April 2007, the Google Street View project has made it possible in a little over 10 years to photograph and map almost all the roads around the world thanks to the onboard cameras on its Street View vehicles.

In a press release, the American firm Google has just announced to the press that it is about to take the next step by mapping the interior of all the dwellings located on the edge of traffic lanes.

Google’s cars will soon be equipped with new HD lenses equipped with a high-intensity X-ray scanner that will allow them to map the interior of all homes located within the perimeter of action of the detectors, i.e. about 50 meters. The platform will be placed on the roof and a massive sphere equipped with 15 cameras.

While these new cameras are starting to be in circulation, you will surely have to wait a few more months to see on your computer the inside of your apparently or your neighbor’s home.

Google announces that the homes scanned and immortalized by this new device will be scrutinized by a series of algorithms that will be able to detect and record the identity of all the tenants present in the scanned homes.

“Google Home View”, as it is called, will allow the learning machine to be further developed and, perhaps, one day, the possibility of Google’s equipment being able to locate in real time the position of each human being on our planet will become a reality.

For Jen Fitzpatrick, Google’s Vice President of Engineering and head of the mapping department, “Google Home View” could, in the future, answer even more precise questions: “Does this apartment house illegal migrants, illegal workers or anti-globalization activists? This kind of question can only be answered if we have richer and more in-depth information on the surface and composition of the scanned dwellings. “An answer that leaves one to imagine the infinite possibilities for government authorities.

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  1. X-rays, which cause human DNA and tissue damage will be ruled un-Constitutional under Google’s methods.

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