An anti-vax delegation decimated by coronavirus after visiting China to extol the benefits of non-vaccination.

They don’t trust vaccination and, assuming that everyone is vaccinated, there’s no point in being vaccinated too. They are the anti-vaccines, that growing segment of the population that is giving up vaccination.

They offer alternatives such as sprinkling a newborn baby’s face with a vacuum cleaner bag to make him or her ecologically aware of the viruses and bacteria in our homes, or eating nettle soup which – thanks to the stinging substances in the plant’s hairs – would have the effect of pushing viruses out of the body.

In order to spread the good word on all continents, anti-vax delegations regularly travel to many countries, including China.

It was a hard blow for them, because only a few days after their arrival in the city of Wuhan, the entire delegation was decimated by the coronavirus.

After investigation, it turns out that the anti-vaccine members had refused the protective masks, judging that they had sufficiently prepared their bodies mentally to protect themselves from the virus.

Image : Rob van der Meijden – Pixabay

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