Canada is building an emergency wall along its border with the USA to hold off Americans migrants.

Faced with a huge influx of tens of thousands of migrants who have decided to flee American territory following the election of Donald Trump, Canada has urgently begun constructing walls and barbed wire fences to close off access to its territory.

This French translation of this article is available by clicking on this link : Le Canada construit en urgence un mur à sa frontière avec les USA pour repousser les migrants Américains.

Canada is in a state of alert following the announcement of the results of the presidential election in which Donald Trump became President-elect of the USA. There have already been signs pointing towards a mass exodus of American citizens, with the Canadian immigration website crashing due to increased interest. But the first huge waves of Americans migrants looking to flee the United States are the ones that have pushed Canada to act urgently.

“Four-metre high concrete walls and barbed wire fences are being built along the US border,” said a Canadian government spokesman in a statement.

And he added: “To complete this Herculean task on time, the cost of which will be fully born by the USA, we will probably need to use Mexican migrants. American migrants currently have salary expectations which are far too high.”


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