China announces the upcoming release of the all-new Covid-20 Pro

Building on the global success of the current Covid-19 virus, China has just announced the upcoming release of the brand new Covid-20 Pro virus.

In order to adapt to all immune systems, the new virus will be available in two versions: Covid-20 and Covid-20 Pro. This new version will correct the defects of the current Covid-19 and promises to be even more dazzling with “a virus like you’ve never seen before” according to the comrade in charge of the Chinese People’s Government Research. Ultra high contagiousness, high reactivity, considerably improved autonomy (up to 20 days in outdoor environment), water resistant up to 4 meters deep, super retina XDR coating resistant to scratches and household products. Very promising specifications for this jewel of Chinese technology.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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