NASA confirms the presence of several thousand Alien migrants on board the cigar-shaped asteroid known as “Oumuamua”

It is now certain that the elongated asteroid approaching our planet is not of natural origin. It is a drifting Alien spaceship occupied by several thousand extra-terrestrial migrants.

Called “Oumuamua” or “Messenger” in the Hawaiian language, the mysterious cigar-shaped asteroid continues to fascinate scientists all around the world. Shaped like none of the many asteroids and comets previously observed and recorded in our solar system, the celestial object is 400 metres long and 40 metres wide, giving it its strange resemblance to a cigar.

Since its recent discovery on 19 October by the Pan-STARRS1 telescope located in Hawaii, radio telescopes worldwide have been pointing at it in an attempt to decipher the exact nature of the materials it is made from and, above all, to detect any signs of life on board the interstellar asteroid coming from a solar system completely foreign to our own.

To put an end to the wildest rumours that have begun to circulate on social networks that the very prestigious government agency the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, has decided to make public the conclusions of the panel of experts in space cosmology, who had been asked, in the greatest secrecy, to detect whether there was any extra-terrestrial life inside the celestial object.

The scientists’ conclusions overturn all our certainties about the existence of life in the universe: it turns out that the asteroid is actually a drifting Alien spaceship inhabited by several thousand alien migrants plunged into cryosleep.

As the spaceship approaches the Earth, analysis work on what its composition has been refined and provided scientists with valuable information. The study of the spaceship’s structure has revealed the presence of metals unknown on Earth. High-frequency gamma ray dating indicates that the construction is between one and two million years old, which explains the structural deformations that give it its peculiar elongated cigar shape.

The spaceship, which has been drifting in interstellar space for more than 50,000 years, is believed to have originated from the solar system of the Vega star in the Lyra constellation, located 4 light years from our sun. The appearance and intentions of the aliens are unknown. Only a study of the alpha-cellular radiation emitted by each body allows the Alma (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) international observatory located on the high plateau of Chajnantor, at an altitude of 5100 meters in the arid desert of Atacama (Chile), to estimate the number of living organisms contained in the spaceship. No one can explain why the spaceship is inhabited by these thousands of alien migrants placed in prolonged sleep. What are their intentions? Are they the vestige of some lost civilization? When will they wake up? Where on our planet is the asteroid due to land? Just a few of the many questions that scientists and experts worldwide are still unable to answer.

One thing remains certain, however: it won’t be long before the spaceship’s early warning system wakes the aliens up from their deep sleep. There can be no doubt that they will then try to come into contact with the cosmic lifebuoy offered by our welcoming planet, the ultimate goal of a very long interstellar journey for these mysterious, fascinating aliens. ScienceInfo’s team of journalists will be sure to keep you informed of the latest developments in this amazing, troubling cosmic affair.

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