NASA mistakenly sends YouPorn pornographic videos towards an inhabited exoplanet

“I made a mistake.” Essentially what Diego, the young Texan student working in the extraterrestrial civilisations research department at NASA, the prestigious American aerospace agency, said.

As far as blunders go, it is quite a big one; responsible for this transmitting of unsavoury websites.

“A cosmic blunder” specifies a disappointed and somewhat nervous Steeve Bobs, the extraterrestrial civilisations research director at NASA.

“For more than 70 years telescopes from all over the world have, day and night, examined the stellar infinity for signs of intelligent extraterrestrial activity. And the day when we finally discover the manifestations of an advanced species, this moron trainee sends a welcome message of videos of our human race climbing all over each other “

It was indeed an unfortunate experiment that is at the origin of this unfortunate misunderstanding of which the cosmological consequences may be cataclysmic.

For reasons that are morally reprehensible, the young adult maliciously entered NASA’s intranet in order to visit the porn site YouPorn.

Connected to the central computer connected to the powerful transmitter of the radio telescope pointed toward the stellar infinity, the trainee accidentally sent all the videos on the site towards the inhabited exoplanet XD-6459-FORG.

Given the dizzying transfer rate of NASA’s intranet, it only took a few seconds to send the equivalent of 35 million hours of pornographic videos in the direction of the exoplanet.

We can only hope that watching these videos engenders only jeers and mockery rather than warlike impulses from our extraterrestrial friends. Immediately, NASA has attempted to rectify the situation by sending at the same time, all the videos of Walt Disney accompanied by an apologetic message from the human race’s highest representative and dignitary: our future American president Donald Trump.

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  1. kaam dhandha nhi h BC….

  2. This is purely a joke because NASA don’t easily gives access to such pornographic content to any trainee.

    I think the writer want to initiate a mockery.

    Stop spreading nusence

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